Latest acquisition: Theo Gootjes


The Atlas Van Stolk has acquired over four thousand cartoons by Theo Gootjes, who used to work mainly for Het Vrije Volk and Rotterdams Dagblad newspapers.

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Milestone reached: more than 50,000 items on the website


Today the Atlas Van Stolk reached a new milestone: from now on, more than 50,000 photographs, prints, drawings and other images can be found on our website. When Abraham van Stolk started collecting around 1830, he probably never expected that now, almost 200 years later, his collection can be viewed in almost every place around the world. Thanks to the digitisation of the Atlas Van Stolk, this has become a reality.

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Recent acquisition: Dirk and Jan Anthonie Langendijk


The Atlas Van Stolk continues to expand its collection with new acquisitions. A few weeks ago a collection of drawings and prints made by Dirk Langendijk (1748-1805) and his son Jan Anthonie (1780-1818) was acquired. Dirk Langendijk was a Rotterdam artist, painter and engraver known for his depictions of political and military scenes. His son, Jan Anthonie Langendijk, followed in his father's footsteps and was also a draftsman. The acquisition consists of more than 60 drawings, watercolours and etchings.

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Present and Past: bicentennial commemoration of the Battle of Waterloo


On 18 June 2015, it is exactly 200 years ago that the Battle of Waterloo took place. After Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to the Italian island of Elba in 1814, he managed to escape some months later and, with a hastily collected army, marched towards the French-Belgian border. However, this army was not strong enough against the Allied forces and Bonaparte had to admit defeat. Initially, Napoleon still tried to flee, but was arrested by the Allied forces and was banished again. This time to the island of St. Helena, where he died six years later.

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Artist Ralph Prins passed away


On 23 January 2015, artist Ralph Prins passed away at the age of 88. Prins is particularly famous for the design of the National Monument Kamp Westerbork. Prins, himself a Jew, was also in the concentration camp from 1943. After World War II he studied at several art schools, and in 1960 became a teacher at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Besides the monument at Kamp Westerbork, Prins designed war monuments for Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Barneveld, Borne, Coevorden, Gouda and Strijen.

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Historic scandal uncovered!


Ever heard of photobombing? Here at the Atlas Collection we discovered a scandal of historic proportions when we found a familiar face hidden in a priceless print. Could this be the work of the world’s first photobomber?

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Present and Past: Scheveningen Pier possibly saved


The Scheveningen Pier may get a second chance. Curator Marc Udink has announced that a serious party has signed a Letter of Intent. According to Udink, if all goes well, the Pier could be re-opened in the spring of 2015.

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Illustrator Sieb Posthuma passed away


Illustrator, cartoonist and writer Sieb Posthuma passed away on Sunday 3 August, so it was stated by the publishers Querido and Gottmer. "He no longer has light in his life," said his publishers. Sieb Posthuma was 54 years old. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

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Recent acquisition: Paul van der Steen


The Atlas Van Stolk has once again expanded its collection with works of a famous cartoonist. After having acquired works of Niek Otte, the Atlas has now come into the possession of more than 300 original and digital drawings by the artist Paul van der Steen. With this large addition of caricatures to its collection, the Atlas now possesses a fine overview of today's well-known people.

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Recent acquisition: Niek Otte


The Atlas Van Stolk has recently enriched its collection with more than a thousand drawings by cartoonist Niek Otte. This considerable number was presented by his children Niek Otte, Annelies Otte and Marjan Otte-van Eijk. The, mostly political, cartoons by Otte mostly distinguish themselves by the striking caricatures of Dutch politicians. Thus they are a welcome addition to the current collection. We are the Otte family very grateful for presenting us with the works of their father.

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