Order images

How to order?

  1. by e-mail: info@atlasvanstolk.nl
  2. by fax: +31 10 - 4 33 44 99
  3. by post: Atlas Van Stolk, Korte Hoogstraat 31, 3011 GK ROTTERDAM (The Netherlands)

Your order

When you order, please mention the Inventory Number.
To make sure we send you the right picture, please add a short description; just a few words will do. No inventory number? Give us an accurate description instead.


Always mention: Atlas Van Stolk, Rotterdam
Please send a voucher copy to the above postal address.

The Atlas Van Stolk checks every image to see if it's protected by copyright. If we inadvertently supply you with an image that appears to be protected, the Atlas Van Stolk is responsible for that single reproduction.

NB. However, owners of the copyright may hold you responsible for any violation of the law by further reproduction and publication.

Digital images

Digital images are available in JPEG format, low compression, high quality.
NB. copyright may prohibit the display and/or the delivery in high resolution of some of the images.

Images are made available as downloadable files, unless you order a DVD (additional charge).

We can inform you of the size of the images, so that you may be able to decide whether they are suitable. Most images are large enough to be reproduced on A4 with 300 dpi.


All prices include VAT.

Digital images, each: € 42
Additional charge DVD, each: € 15
Postage (not for downloads): Equals the actually paid postage.
Additional charge recorded delivery (Netherlands only): Equals the actually paid charge.